“Spectacular dancing!” - SUNDAY EXPRESS      //      “Highly entertaining” - THE TIMES      //      “A winning formula” - THE GUARDIAN      //      “"Stunning choreography!” ” - LATINO LIFE
  • Best of all is the spectacular dancing, shifting from lust to laughter in the blink of an eye. But best of all we are regularly and thrillingly reminded that we are in the presence of that ineffably erotic dance for two. If you love dance and dancers, just sit back and enjoy.
  • Cornejo commands a winning formula of fiercely gifted dancers, soulful music and elegant costumes.
  • ‘Glossy and highly entertaining.’
    ‘The dancing is of a consistently high calibre.’
    ‘Demonically quick duet for José Fernández and Leonardo Luizaga and the evening’s general air of sleek professionalism.’
  • With unrivalled atmosphere and glamor till the end, Immortal Tango demands raucous applause from the audience. It’s the revival of traditional tango that ought to be seen.
  • ‘German Cornejo has managed to encapsulate tango perfectly from start to finish with "Tango Immortal"’
    ‘Cornejo, in my eyes, is a mastermind of pacing, performance and precision.’
    ‘The lighting is phenomenal, the music is exquisite, the genuine love of Tango spills from every minute of performance.’
  • The whole show was truly amazing. In our opinion it deserves 10/10, a glitterball and a 5* review!
  • ‘Immortal Tango is a superlative evening at the theatre that transcends the traditional boundaries of dance spectaculars to become a truly total work of art.’
    ‘This show is sheer joy and perfection.’
  • ‘Any tango enthusiast or practising tango dancer would be a fool to miss Immortal Tango – German Cornejo’s entertaining, dazzling and ferocious tango extravaganza.’
    ‘It seems that nothing can stop Cornejo’s fresh and inventive hunger for choreography.’
    ‘This highly mesmerizing, fresh and passionate show gives an entirely new meaning to tango that’ll blow away Strictly Come Dancing standards.’
  • This is fearless dancing that demands attention. Immortal Tango is a crowd-pleasing show that you’ll enjoy for the music, the costumes, the attractive dancers, and the spectacular displays of Argentine Tango.
  • ‘Immortal Tango breaks away from standard tango show formats.’
    ‘Dagger-sharp technique and a fluid sensuality.’
  • Stunning dancing, fantastic lighting and great musicianship from this team from Argentina.
  • ‘Classic tango is back with a bang!’
    ‘Stunning choreography.’
  • Don't miss Immortal Tango!
  • ‘Tango always pulls in a wide audience and press night is no exception—the crowd roars approval after every number, and there are twenty-seven numbers—the show is evidently critic proof.’
    ‘The auditorium goes wild!’
  • This rare opportunity to witness true Argentinean tango at the highest level is not to be missed. Watching Strictly won't be the same again!
  • ‘Immortal Tango is a highly successful attempt by Germán Cornejo to move beyond the old tango clichés and develop a well structured show that is rich and varied. The show will appeal to people of all generations who enjoy a lively, imaginative and high energy show with great music and dance.’
    ‘Highly recommended.’
  • If you have always wondered what the magic of tango looks like on stage, we recommend you take your first glimpse at ‘Immortal Tango’.
  • Immortal Tango features an amazing troupe of expert tango practitioners, all determined to push the envelope in terms of acrobatic moves and artistic interpretation. An authentic live band and a number of daring costume changes are guaranteed to keep the atmosphere sizzling.
  • Immortal Tango is a tango as you’ve never experienced it before!
  • Sensualidad y estilismo.
  • ‘An outstanding production with exceptional and unique dancers and musicians who bring tango to a new level. Certainly German Cornejo's Immortal Tango have something in the air for everyone that combines the great work of the latin american dancers and their hability to show their skills not only into Tango dance but also ballet, hip hop, rock and modern rhythms.’
    ‘Amazing show and highly recommended!’
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